1When will Sales Begin?

Sales will commence this summer for the general public. However, your registration will ensure that you have first priority before the general public. We will ensure to notify you well in advance.

2What is the Estimated Completion Date?
Construction will commence immediately after sales start and will be done in phases. It will take approximately 4 to 6 months to complete each phase.
3What is the Deposit Structure?
A total deposit of 10% of the purchase price is required. The balance paid at closing.
4Is there Parking?
Yes, each home is provided one parking space. There is also ample visitor parking spaces available.
5Is there Storage?
Each residence is supplied a conveniently located interior crawl space for storage. The crawl space is 4’ high x 15’ wide x 22’ long.
6Are Pets Allowed?
Yes, pets are allowed with some restrictions. This is specified in the Disclosure Statement.
7Are Rentals Allowed?
Yes, Aquavita is zoned for short term rentals as such can be rental without any rental restrictions. In fact, there will be an Aquavita main office for assistance with the rental process.
8Are there Boat Slips for Everyone?
There are 49 total boat slips available on a lease basis. The boat slips will be available at time of sales commencement. Should there be a need for additional boat slips, Aquavita is situated within a significant marina which may result in additional boat slips.
9Are there Laundry Facilities?
Yes, within the main central Aquavita office, there will be laundry facilities for the Aquavita community.
10When Can I Review the Disclosure Statement?
The Disclosure Statement will be readily available on the Aquavita website prior to sales commencement.

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